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AL150 Expandable Series
BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) Bar Lights
Expandable Versions Available
AL150 Expandable Series

  • Provides very even illumination along the length of the light, with controlled fall off in the transverse direction
  • Designed to provide low angle of incidence illumination over a long, wide area
  • Applications requiring very even illumination over a wider area can utilize two BALAs aligned in parallel and facing each other
  • AL150 - Expandable in 1” increments up to 82”
  • AL150 Derivatives: AL46120 (20”), AL4554 (9”), AL4424 (4”)
General Specs for AL150 Series Backlight
Mechanical Specs for AL150 Expandable Series
Optical Performance for BALA Series Bar Lights
Optical Cone for BALA Series Bar Lights
Operation and Wiring for AL150 Series Bar Lights