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ICS (1.0) Light fails to light
ICS (1.0) light fails to light when power is turned on

(This applies to the ICS that has the green power light and manual potentiometer.)

There are two possible reasons a light will not come on when power is applied to the ICS:

1) The black (gate -) and white (gate +) wires are crossed. Make sure these two wires are not touching.

2) Some power supplies have a strong voltage spike or transient signal at start-up from a cold start. Once all the internal capacitors of the power supply are fully charged, the light can be toggled off-on without problems.

Two possible tests:
- Toggle the power relatively quickly (over a few seconds) on-off-on after the power supply has run for a few minutes and see if the lights come on.
- Toggle the power off-on after the power supply has been turned off for several minutes (possibly even hours in some cases).

This problem was corrected for lights built after 1/1/2010.